I want to ask you to do something for me please. Go alone to your favorite quiet place in nature. Maybe its a mountain top or a hill, or by a stream or river, or maybe it’s by the ocean or deep in a forest. Or maybe it’s just a park in a city that’s quiet before dawn. Lay down on your mother earth and tell her you love her. You’re alone so if you want to cry you can. Hold her and let her hold you. She gave you everything just like your real mother. She can feel your love, and she loves you. Even if it’s just for a few minutes, take the time now to be with her and tell her you love her.

Become a helper for your Mother Earth. She gave us everything, now we must do the same for her. ZKZ


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The Prophecy

2-03-13  This prophecy is about global warming, and climate change.  In 2008 I had a very powerful dream. In the dream a voice said USE THE MIRACLE I GAVE YOU. I woke up and I couldn’t really understand what it meant. I thought about it for awhile, the only thing I could think of was this photo. I had the photo in a simple frame on the wall. It had been in that frame for over 24 years. I took the frame off the wall and removed the photo to look at it more clearly. When I did a 451_land_4letter fell out from behind the photo. It was a letter from Stanley and Cecelia Looking Horse.

It was just a short letter, I had sent them a copy of the photo in September of 1983. They wrote back telling me the Great Spirit had shown me a great work of God, and that Stanley would tell me more in the sweatlodge the next time I visit them. I hadn’t seen this letter for more than 24 years.  I kind of felt like Stanley and Cecielia were with me, even though they had both passed on to the spirit world already.

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This image of a medicine wheel or 4 directions symbol appeared after a Lakota inipi, or sweatlodge ceremony in the spring of 1983.  After 25 years it was brought out and is now being shared with the world. All miracles are a blessing and meant to help strengthen a persons faith that god really does exist. Soon this website will help share the real meaning of why this happened. For now this copy of the original photo is here to share with all people that want it.  It’s ok to download it for yourself or even share with others. Just right click on the photo and save it. I strongly encourage you not to sell  or use this photo to make money. ZKZ

03-30-12 Today i will start to tell the story about this miracle that happened in 1983, but this is not just about the miracle, but the meaning of it and why it happened. I’m not a writer and i don’t have anyone helping me write this, so please excuse my errors in grammar, but i will tell you these things sincerely and from the heart, and as truthfully as i can. All storys have a beginning, a middle, and an end. i don’t think i will tell you this story in that order. First i must say i am just a simple man, i have no real powers. The only power i think i was blessed with is compassion, the ability to have great compassion for people , and even animals and plants, later i will tell a story about how i received this blessing.

You may have some preconceptions about the things i am going to say. I can tell you now most of these preconceptions are misconceptions. What i will be trying to talk about is pure objective truth, the word objective is important. It means removed from the actual thing that’s happening. This is about our earth and everything living on it. I want you to think about something now. Look at the smallest blade of grass or leaf with a magnifying glass. look at how complicated it is, all the small cappilaries and veins, and just think about how every living thing is in it own way designed to be part of the larger world. Does it really make any sense that our creator would create something that is out of control?

04-04-12 Humans too are part of the larger world, we have gone through many stages of evolution. All living things evolve to fit into nature. At one time long ago all humans lived within nature, without a need for clothes. Then at a certain time we were chosen for a certain purpose. There are many storys about what happened. Christians believe in The Garden Of Eden Story. It was the time when Adam and Eve were given the choice to live in the garden and be part of nature, or eat the forbiden fruit and be outside the circle of nature.

Here we also had a Lakota holy man named Black Elk, he had a vision and told about it, a very basic version is. He said long ago all humans lived in  circles, then there will come a time all the circles will become broken , and the tree of life will almost die, then the circles will start again. Some believe he meant people lived in tipis in a circle. I believe really he means that all humans lived within nature, in the circle of life, then a little at a time all humans began to live outside of nature. Now there are only a few remaining tribes in remote areas that can totally live without money. When these few tribes are gone, all the circles will be broken and the tree of life will almost die.

04-06-12 So you might be asking why I’m telling you these things, it’s because we need to have a basic understanding about our true purpose in life. Even though it may be somewhat painful to accept that we are not really a superior living thing. Truth always creates a picture much more beautiful than misconception. If we understand this truth, we can understand what’s happening to our earth much more clearly. We need to see ourselves almost as if we were looking down at earth from far away, because we are too involved with the drama around us to see things objectively. Imagine you are far from earth, and each day of your life equals a year on earth. If you were looking at earth the last 3 or 4 thousand years, you would have started to see very small dark spots on the earth. at first they are barely noticeable, but over time they begin to get a little larger and there are more of them. Then at a certain point a few hundred years ago these dark places begin to grow very quickly. Now we are at a point that these dark spots cover most of the earth. It’s obvious something is happening to the health of the earth, as you look even closer you can see each of these dark spots has thousands ,or even millions of humans. As you look down from space you would see this life form we call humans is causing these dark spots. We are the cause of this sickness our Mother is experiencing.

04-07-12 Now i think we can talk a little about what really is happening to the earth we are part of. There are two main groups of thinking about global warming. You believe it is real , or you don’t really think it’s real. If you really don’t think it’s real, then this website probably isn’t for you. We must talk a little more about mans evolution. A very long time ago man depended on a certain kind of thinking to survive, it was more necessary to be able to sense small things. like changes in the weather. We also noticed animals more and the things they do that would warn of a difficult winter, or some change coming. Most of us have lost these abilities, but deep inside many there is still some of these old senses. For example sometimes you go outside and you can feel that there is rain coming. Or you go outside on a very hot windy day, and you feel a certain kind of stress in the air. These are the kind of abilities all humans had long ago, only much more.

Now man has evolved to have different abilities, to use different senses and a different part of the brain. I believe man is evolving faster than at any time in the past. This modern species of man has very high abilities to think quickly, and make decisions that will make their lives more comfortable. From the time we are 3 or 4 years old we are taught that to be a good productive person, we must go to college ,and then we will get a good job and have a good life. And in many ways in today’s world this is true. To be very poor can be a very hard life. But i must tell you even though we think this is the purpose of life, really i believe the creator created this evolved human species to help our mother earth in another way. Our mother earth is a living thing that needs to complete her life cycle. I believe the human species was chosen to help her in this way.  This is why i have been trying to help you see the evolution of humans from a different perspective.

Look at any other living thing and try to understand its purpose in nature. Lets take a honey bee just for example, it has many purposes in nature. One very important purpose is that when it gathers pollen, it pollinates the plant, but if the bee could talk , i think it would say its main goal in life is to make honey for themselves and the other bees, they have no idea they are pollinating plants.  I think if you ask most humans what their purpose in life is, they will tell you its to get a good job so they can have a good life, for themselves and their family. But you see humans, like the bees, have another purpose in nature that they really can’t see or understand. Everyday just through our normal activity’s we change the earth. some of us much more than others. This is one of the truths that is painful to accept. But you must understand the creator doesn’t make mistakes. We are meant to do the things we are doing.

04-09-12 My friends this is the real answer to climate change, scientists will tell you if we do this or that, by a certain date we can avoid the tipping point, but try to think deeply about this. Does it really seem likely people will change their nature ? Could you ask a bee to stop gathering pollen and making honey? And really expect they will?

04-20-12 I know this type of thinking is not for everyone, as i said before pure objective truth can be very painful, but it can lead to a deeper understanding of ourselves and the mother earth we are all part of. Try not to think of this modern human species in a bad way. If it was not necessary this species would not exist. If you really try to accept this truth it will open your eyes to many things. I’m going to tell you of just one thing now that will be shocking and controversial just to say it. Most of you will laugh and not believe this, but i promised i would say the truth.

05-3-12 The mind must be open to a different way of thinking to see these changes that are happening to all living things on the earth, The changes are small and gradual and because the human species has evolved to a different kind of thinking, most people are not seeing them. Try to watch the very small things around you, the time plants bloom or begin to get green each year . When birds migrate, or even unusual changes in insects. Now most people don’t live within nature so it’s harder to notice these things. But if you try you will see them . Some plants and trees will bloom or turn green much earlier, some of them will adapt and continue to grow, but you will begin to see some plants and trees begin to die because they can not accept these quick changes. Unusual things will start to happen soon to all species of life on earth.

Long ago humans possessed the ability for deep thought, what i mean by this is that one question leads to another question and another , and on and on. At the end of these long series of questions is objective truth, a truth not affected by other peoples opinions but by very long deep thought. Sometimes a man or woman can spend their whole life trying to find the truth of just one question, like the meaning of life. With enough effort they may become enlightened, like Christ , or Buddha , or many other saints or prophets that have walked the earth.

I will just say now the things I’m telling you  came from this kind of thought, soon i will be telling you the story of the miracle medicine wheel that happened almost 30 years ago , and how it transformed my mind. I was blessed to receive this miracle for a certain purpose. I am only a helper for any of you that will listen. The visible miracle that happened is to help give you faith in what i say . that it doesn’t come just from me. very soon big changes will start to happen to our earth. I can tell you absolutely the scientists are wrong. It will not take 50 or 100 years for these things to happen. We only have 20 or 21 more years until the earth completes its circle, and the tree of life will almost die. Every year from now on you will see great changes start to happen in the weather, that means some places may be cooler than average, but most places will be much warmer. Many of the great rainforest that cleanse the air will burn and not survive, and this is where the snowball effect really begins. These great rain forests and forests will burn, adding more Co2 instead of cleansing it from our air, Fires everywhere on earth will get larger and larger each year. You will see strong tornados in places they never existed before. Because there will be large fires it’s likely you will see tornados and fire together, becoming a tornado filled with fire. Also many other abnormal weather events will happen, that will cause suffering everywhere on earth.

In many places in the world millions of people depend on mountain water from Glaciers, or water from wells deep inside the earth to live and grow food. Soon this water will dry up and stop, many of these people will try to move to the large cites to survive. These cites will be overwhelmed and their water depleted. Clean water will be precious. Water rationing will begin everywhere, soon the price of  water, and food will reach unbelievable prices. Economic hardship will be the first thing that will affect everyone on earth.

Of course there are many other factors that will affect all life on earth, none of them are very good for the human species. Having a great deal of money can provide protection for a certain time, but even for the rich, life will eventually become very difficult. I think you can imagine what will happen if millions of people are starving and going without water. Animal instincts will take over and people will do whatever they have to do to survive. I’m just telling you these things so we can really accept the truth about what’s coming. The people that make fuel efficient cars, or invent better ways to produce power can not save us from what’s coming. It’s time to accept it. This thing that is coming cannot be stopped, anymore than you could stop a powerful river. or a Tsunami traveling across the ocean. It’s coming, and soon it will be here.

5-16-12 Today i will start to tell the story of this miracle that happened in the spring of 1983, i know many will see this photo and say it’s just a lens reflection. And even those that do see something more, many will not understand what i will tell you, but you see for me, it’s not important the number of people that really listen and believe in what i say. In the spring of 2008 i had a powerful dream and was told to do this, I was told to use this miracle in this way. for many years i prayed in vision quests and inipis to be a helper for the creator and mother earth. now i am just doing what i was told to do. I will do anything i can to help those of you that listen. I believe it will only be a few. maybe none. But for some of you this might be like a seed that grows in your thoughts. At first it may seem like a fantasy or the ramblings of a crazy person. But as our mother earth changes and things begin to get worse, maybe the older species that still exists in many of us will tell you. Go to this place and see if there is truth there. I will be waiting there to help anyone that comes with a sincere heart.


Story of the Miracle

5-18-12 I think for this story to make sense , i must first tell you about myself. My name is Dave Hansen. I grew up in a place called Rapid 637_mitbh-1City , South Dakota. My parents both grew up on a ranch or as farmers, like many people they migrated to the city for economic reasons. They were very good parents and tried to encourage myself and my two brothers to think for ourselves about what to do in life. My mothers parents homesteaded in the black hills in the early 1900’s, and this is where this photo was taken. At a small piece of land i got through my parents and grandparents. Their name was Pahkamaa. My grandmothers parents name was Juso, and they also homesteaded a little farther away in the late 1800’s.

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