12-03-13  This prophecy is about global warming, and climate change.  In 2008 I had a very powerful dream. In the dream a voice said USE THE MIRACLE I GAVE YOU. I woke up and I couldn't really understand what it meant. I thought about it for awhile, the only thing I could think of was this photo. I had the photo in a simple frame on the wall. It had been in that frame for over 24 years. I took the frame off the wall and removed the photo to look at it more clearly. When I did a letter fell out from behind the photo. It was a letter from Stanley and Cecelia Looking Horse. 

     It was just a short letter, I had sent them a copy of the photo in September of 1983. They wrote back telling me the Great Spirit had shown me a great work of God, and that Stanley would tell me more in the sweatlodge the next time I visit them. I hadn't seen this letter for more than 24 years.  I kind of felt like Stanley and Cecielia were with me, even though they had both passed on to the spirit world already.

  I had this dream almost exactly 25 years after I had the dream in my tipi about starting a learning 637_mitbh-1center . This was late March 2008. I had the dream in my Tipi at about the same time of year in 1983.

  Something else happened when I woke up from this dream, It was like a different part of my mind woke up. I could see small things I never noticed before. Later I will talk much more about these small things I was able to see. The other thing I was told in my dream was, the voice said YOU ARE HALF WAY THERE. Then it was like a different part of my mind just opened, and I understood the meaning. It was 25 years since my last dream like this. In another 25 years. In the year 2032 or 2033 the tree of life will almost die. Then the small circles will begin again. Everything became so clear to me. This is the kind of thing that's hard to explain in words. I learned to understand this feeling of this dream, because 25 years before this I got the same feeling from that dream.

  12-7-13 I'm not writing this to try convince anyone about what's coming soon to our earth, I'm speaking more to those of you that can already feel it inside you. As I said in the first part of my writing, I believe these things are meant to happen.  I will briefly try to explain again. The Creator Does Not Make Mistakes. All creation is here for a purpose. Now there is a species of humans I would refer to as Automatrons, They are capable of  high level of Automatronic thought. The ability to calculate the value of every living thing on earth, and devise a way to extract as much money as possible from it. The main difference between this species and the older species that lived within nature, is the Automatron is unable to sense the truth of their inner being. they do not have the ability for deep thought. This is the dominant species of humans that exist now. This is the reason climate change, and global warming can not be stopped or even slowed. To slow climate change you would have to convince the majority of humans on earth to live with less. This goes against every kind of reasoning of the Automatron species. They were not designed to think like this. This is the main thing that is hard for most people to understand, and accept.  That this species of humans is here for this purpose, to help our mother earth complete her circle.

  After the tree of life almost dies. The older species of humans that live within nature, will be the 600_1013942_470723166353449_2019697791_ndominant species again. The Automatron species will become extinct, after they have done what they are here to do. Their purpose to exist will be over.

   I'm not here to promote hate against anyone, we should have love for this species of humans, called the Automatrons, the same as all living things on earth. They are here for a purpose and they are doing what they are meant to do. They will help our mother complete her circle of life. I said in the beginning I would say the truth even if it's painful, or unpopular, or hard to accept. This powerful thing is coming and no one can stop it. Now the great suffering is beginning.

  Now I want to talk to those very few that read this, and already can feel inside what I've been saying. I was given an answer in my dream i had in 2008. I was told to release this photo of the Miracle Medicine Wheel. After that I understood why. A very few of you I believe are meant to be a part of this. Maybe you had a feeling inside you the first time you saw it, maybe some of you even felt emotional . This miracle was only meant to affect certain people. If you feel like you are one, please listen to me. We don't have a long time left. The time of this great powerful change is here now. You will see the power of these great weather events everywhere on earth. All the records for every kind of weather will be broken, and the next year they will be broken again, over and over.

   I was told in my dream to start the learning center at this sacred place in the Black hills . This place where this miracle happened will be a place where we can learn together. It's only a small piece of land, about 5 acres,but for some reason the creator chose this place. Right now it is clean and pure, there is nothing there except for a well I put in near where the Medicine Wheel apeared. It has water that is a medicine, that can heal your spirit and your body and mind. It belongs to all of us, I'm only a caretaker of this sacred place.

485_196    This learning center is to teach us how to live together in small groups, with the very least possible. To live in very tiny individual houses, with one larger place to cook and do other things. I guess this type of living in the past has been called communal living. We all know it can be difficult to do this. There are many different personalitys and ideas about everything when you try to share life as a group. But these kinds of problems can be overcome, and are much less than trying to survive what is coming alone .

    As a humble person I want to ask you for your help . I learned something about living like this when I stayed with the Hog Farm many years ago. We all have different talents and abilitys. There is a power in a group of people helping and careing for each other. I would first like to join with the right group of people to start this learning center here, with the goal of helping other groups to start their own learning centers later.  This is not just about survival. It's about relearning how to live in nature without money. It's about asking our elders that still remember to teach us and help us. Most of us are like children with almost no ability to be self sufficient. We must learn quickly so we can teach our own children.

   One of the main beliefs must be to live with less.  Although I don't believe this is just about one religion or race. In many ways this is about learning the way of life that most indigenous people lived long ago. To live in circles close to nature. being mainly self sufficient, and most important is to love and take care of each other in this time of great suffering that is coming to all life.

 I know it's very hard to think about giving up your individual security, and make a big change to share life with others. I believe the creator chose this time for a reason. Now the time of these great changes are beginning everywhere on earth. Some of you will be losing your homes to weather catastrophes. Some cities will run out of water, or money to keep up with disasters. These places will become almost impossible to live in. Many people will look at their lives and ask themselves what they can do to survive this.  Only a few will have the abilty in their mind, and courage to make a change. I believe that's why the creator gave me this miracle to share with you at this time and not before. Without the suffering, it's hard to make a change. So in some ways this suffering that is starting , is like a blessing to help us open our minds.This place in the Black Hills is just one small place that is there for inspiration, and to begin these small circles of people living together in small groups , learning to live with the very least possible.  This place will help other people start their own small circles in other areas. This is not about charging people to learn. It's about helping each other, and becoming a family with each other. 

  12-8-13 I'm not talking about a group of people living just in fear of a doomsday, It might sound like a harsh kind of life to live in a very small house, but there is a beauty in living with less. Really true happiness does not come from the size of our home. It comes from the love we give and recieve while we are here. As our Earth changes, the resources to live will become less and less. When the price for all food and  everything we need to live goes up, this way of life will make more sense. Living together in these small communities will be a blessing , we can learn together the best way to live in this hard time that's coming. Living with less can free you in so many other ways

   I482_well-1 'm just a pitiful man, I'm coming to you not as a Holy Man , or Medicine Man. I'm only a plain man that tried to humble himslf before the Great Spirit. I was given the great blessing of a vision. I was also given this miracle medicine wheel photo. It would take 25 years for me to understand why. During that time only a very few people saw it.  Then in 2008 I was given the answer to why this happened. Now I will do what I was told to do, I must tell you again, these things I have tried to tell you do not come only from me. I'm not trying to sell anything so it's up to you if you listen to me or not and try to help start these small circles. I'm only a helper, I have no real power. I understand I am nothing. Maybe I will continue to be used as a tool, or maybe not.  I know I have strong faith now.  Whatever the creator tells me to do, I will listen and do it. Even If I am told to give everything . I have tried to tell this story as honestly as I can. Many parts maybe I would like to keep to myself, but I was told to do this. I am doing everything I can to help you understand the truth of what's coming. I promise you this is  going to happen much sooner than most of you believe.

  Maybe now you know the power of this Miracle Medicine Wheel that appeared. The creator will speak to you and guide you. I know it was meant for just some of you. I ask you to go to a quiet place and think deeply and try to listen to the voice inside you. The Tree of Life is dying. Our Mother Earth is completing her life cycle. I'm asking you to help your mother, start these small circles now. Become a helper for your Mother Earth. She gave us everything, now we must do the same for her. This is the prophecy I was Given. Mitakuye Oyasin